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Even though I removed the opinion section of the web page I still have to put in my special touch. This little blurb on the side will contain whatever ramblings happen to come out of my mouth. Anyway I'm in college now and we all share an OC3. Mad gaming!

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Update 9\23\2000- I started the screenshots page, you might want to take a look and tell me what you think. I also wrote a review of 1943. I've been busy with school work, so this is going to take a little while to get finished with everything.

News 9\23\2000- If you pay any attention to the video game world at all you would have heard the news I just heard. At Nintendo's showing of it's new "gamecube" they showed a non-interactive demo of what it can do. Samus Aran made an appearance in this demo. It's finally what we've all been waiting for! A new Metroid! From the screenshots I have seen this is what I can tell. It's 3d first of all, second of all you can see one of the classic metroid doors in d3 in the back. And there is a horde of little monster things chasing Samus. I hope this game is good. It is kind of hard to imaging turning metroid into a 3d game without changing the game in some drastic and horrible way. What I don't understand is why everyone has to make a 3d game these days? Why can't they just use the tremendous power to make a 2d game with 3d sprites and backgrounds, but have the game be incredebly enourmous. They could easily make a game like Super Metroid, add the usual sequel story, new planet (of course), and about 20 times the size. Also hordes of new guys, weapons, and secrets, and all that good stuff. You don't have to make it a 3d game, but if you want you should have pre-rendered 3d backgrounds and 3d sprites, but keep the camera so it is still the same as all the other metroids. Can you imagine how hard it would be to wall, bomb, or space jump in 3d? Let alone looking for secrets in a room with 6 or more sides.