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Summary: Fitinaphobia is the fear of fitting in. Patients experiencing this illness will gripe and moan if any of their interests or hobbies are popularized. Continue reading

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Perfect Analogy

Saying that WoW is a good game because it’s funny is like saying Tetris is a good game because the blocks are pretty. Continue reading

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How I Blog

You publish it because you want other people to read it, you made it for them. Continue reading

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Easy Money for PC Game Developers

If the game developers really wanted to they could have a huge PC gaming revival on Linux and make piles of easy cash. Continue reading

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I’m Bi-Political

So what am I? I don’t really fit onto any political model. Continue reading

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Domain Acquired

…please update all your bookmarks from to Continue reading

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Clash of Cultures

It will be very interesting to see what happens when countries who previously found themselves with one large majority culture are slowly split into a larger number of smaller cultures which each have larger total representations around the world. Continue reading

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