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DS Strategy

When you’ve got a hammer everything starts to look like nails. Continue reading

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Removal of Facial Hairs

Shaving the old fashioned way is far superior to the crummy modern Gillette way. Continue reading

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Formula 1 Debacle

Sometimes decisions must be made that will compromise either the money a sport makes or its integrity as a true competition. Continue reading

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RSS is the new M3U

This looks like the direction we’re headed, let’s move there faster. Continue reading

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Gaming VPN

Setting up LANs with VPN access intentionally for the purpose of playing multi-player games could be a great way to restore PC gaming. Continue reading

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Time of Day

Service me. I demand higher quality services that follow my needs and schedule. Continue reading

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AJAX Games

The day when 5 people can play the same game of Puerto Rico on a phone, palm, blackberry, PC and PSP in different parts of the world will be a very good day. Continue reading

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