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Quick Advice

If you are planning on using Linux as your desktop operating system, and you care to actually get real use out of it, then follow my instructions. Do not fix what is not broken. Do not tweak or change anything unecessarily. Do not do something unless you completely understand what it is you are doing. If you follow these three rules, you will have a much better experience. Continue reading

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Reverse Insurance

I think the only course of action for me is to start an insurance agency. If you disagree with what’s in this blog post, then I think I might be able to interest you in one of our policies. Continue reading

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Consumerism, Materialism and Collecting

The way I see the world, consumerism and materialism are evil. Personally, I have little to no attachment to physical goods. Physical objects are just arrangements of atoms, so are people. Nothing in the world has any intrinsic value. Simply owning or posessiong objects is completely meaningless. Continue reading

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Definition of Old School

What does “old school” really mean? Continue reading

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Fun with Qunu

Using Qunu, a new service where you can offer or request free tech support over Jabber, I have learned quite a few things about tech support. Continue reading

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