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Reviewed Games
Game NameGenreRating
10 Yard FightSports: Football
1943Airplane Shooter
Alien StormSide Scrolling Beat 'em Up
Bad DudesSide Scrolling Beat 'em Up
Chrono TriggerRole Playing Game
Cruis'n WorldSports: Auto Racing
Descent 23D First Person Space Shooter
Descent 33D First Person Space Shooter
FaxnaduRole Playing Game
Final FantasyRole Playing Game
GalagaSpace Shooter
Ice HockeySports: Ice Hockey
Adventures of LOLOPuzzle Solving
Mechwarrior 2First Person 'mec Shooter
Megaman 2Side Scrolling Platform
MetroidPlatform/Puzzle Solving
NHL2000Sports: Ice Hockey
R-Type 3Side Scrolling Space Shooter
StarcraftReal Time Strategy
Codename: ViperSide Scrolling Platform
Legend of ZeldaRole Playing Game
Link to the PastRole Playing Game
Zoo KeeperClassic Arcade

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