Blog Update

You may have recently noticed some new posts on this blog that are just sets of links. That is from an experimental feature on that I setup. From now on every day there will be a post automatically appearing here which contains all of my social bookmarks for that day. I hope someone finds it useful.

Next week you can expect me to upgrade the blog to WordPress 2.0. I will practice this upgrade on my development server first of course. But do not be surprised if there is some amount of downtime next week.

Other than that I haven’t updated much on this blog lately. That is largely in part to me using most of my time and effort on GeekNights. But do not fear, this blog is not dead. I’m already well on my way to finishing my “Complete Guide to PC Audio” with special emphasis on surround sound and Linux. I’m not sure if I want to wait until all the parts are complete and release them in a big block or release them one part at a time. I’ll make up my mind soon. But let me tell you I was quite surprised when I realized it was growing to be the size of a small book.

I have an idea or two floating around in my brain which doesn’t really have any room to come out in the podcast. In fact, I’m writing this on the train, and I’ll probably write up one of those ideas as soon as I hit save. Any second now.

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