Domain Acquired

So, since I’m not going to live at college forever, I had to make some arrangements since this server is located in my on-campus apartment. And even more because after February I will finish classes and leave RIT as a student, probably forever. So the first step was to get a domain. This is mainly so people don’t get lost when the machine changes ip addresses, which it is likely to do a few more times. So, please update all your bookmarks from to Soon I am going to acquire hosting from someplace and move my website and e-mail there. Once that is all set I will be free to roam around the world until I find a job and settle in. Then eventually I’ll get commercial DSL or FTTP (fiber to the premises) and buy a new server to host my own stuff again. If I get a good job I’ll get a nice Dual AMD-64 server of awesome, oh yeah!

So, update all your bookmarks, RSS readers, etc. to use or in place of That domain will point to my site for many years to come.

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