Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 23

So we know the show is licensed now, but I’m still going to watch it anyway. Even though this goes against all the ethics of fansubs and such, I’m going to justify just this show. My reasoning is as follows: no force upon earth can prevent me from buying every piece of merchandise even loosely tied to this show, including all of its DVDs in a glorius boxed set.

Anyway, this episode didn’t really get us much of anywhere. There was some cool fighting and the plot did advance. I liked the part with the Ishbal people. When the homunculi started that killing spree it was pretty clever. But what made that scene great was how Colonel Mustang stopped it before it got out of hand. It’s always great to see some common sense at work in a fictional plot line.

Since this is my first episode review I just have to let you all know that Fullmetal Alchemist is the best new anime out right now. In fact, its the only new anime out right now that’s worth watching. It will be on cartoon network in the fall, so never fear. If you’ve already started watching you can keep watching fansubs if you truly intend to pay for the DVDs. Otherwise, hold out for the pro. No matter what you do, watch this show!

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