IMDB Streak

Whenever people discuss movies or books, inevitably someone says a sentence similar to the following. “*gasp* you haven’t see Movie X? What’s wrong with you? You must not be human.” Just about everyone I know, especially myself is guilty of being on both ends of that sentence. My roommate thought I was nuts for having never seen American Beauty and I thought he was nuts for never seeing The Usual Suspects. And so life goes on.

Well, I’ve had some free time lately. And I’m not going to be at RIT much longer, so I have to take care of this internet connection while I still have it. Therefore I have started my great IMDB top 50 streak. If you go to IMDB there is a list of the top 250 movies, and it’s a fairly static list. So my current pastime is downloading movies in the top 50 of this list which I have not already seen, and watching them on my nice Samsung 172x monitor with mplayer. When I’m done I hope that nobody will every say to me again “you haven’t seen that?” because I will have seen it.

A few weeks ago I had a run where I watched every major mafia movie whether or not I had previously seen it. Conveniently this coincided a great deal with the IMDB list since the first two godfathers are ranked very highly. The first of which has held the number one spot for a very long time. So that is basically where this whole thing started.

This has got me thinking. That with the internet making it very easy to acquire popular full length feature films very easily and watch them in succession with little effort, that someone could potentially watch every significant movie ever made in a very short amount of time. I’m trying to think of what the far reaching consequences of such a thing are, if there are indeed any. But all it pretty much means is that we can watch a fuck ton of movies. I consider this a good thing, since I have cast off broadcast television, I can still sit back and relax to some commerical free video entertainment. And theoretically the best movies ever are better for my brain than whatever is on the “idiot box”. And it keeps me off slashdot for awhile. I just wanted to share this with people.

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