More Updating

So, I’m going to find new hosting for my site very soon. It turns out I might not find something that fits the bill perfectly. But I think I can definitely find something cheap and adequate enough to supply web hosting and e-mail while I get my affairs in order. Eventually after I get into more permanent living conditions I will get some monster 64 bit Linux server and host it either in my house or co-locate it depending on what type of net connection I can muster.

The other thing is that I have a lot of downtime lately. Not server downtime, real life downtime. I’m working full time every weekday with hour long train commutes on either end. That situation should persist for many more weeks to come until I find an apartment and move the hell out. My computing situation isn’t perfect now, but I do have the ability to make blog posts wherever and whenever I want. Since the only other things I have to do with my time are play video games, compute and read books I have a lot more time for blogging. I can definitely say I am glad that I will never again do any homework as long as I live. So don’t be surprised if you see an increased rate of blogging here. I could even post as much as once or twice a day if I have something to say.

For various reasons I usually attempt to refrain from making too many blog posts. Mostly its because I only want to write when I have something to say. Forcing myself to write more often I fear I may just make shit up or write inferior articles. Also the purpose of this blog isn’t like most others. I write this only for me, and don’t even expect anyone else to read it. So I only write when I need to. But I figure it can’t hurt to experiment writing more. If it turns out bad I can just stop any time. Besides, its not like I’ve got anything better to do these days.

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