OK, I just finished college. Actually, I have to hand in a paper and give a presentation tomorrow. But that’s it. I never have class again. And after a co-op in 10 weeks I will receive my BS degree in Computer Science. I’m still looking for a permanent job by the way.

Anyway, what does that mean for my server and blog? Well it means a few things. First of all I’ll have more free time. So I think I might rebuild the entire site. What I’m actually going to do is redesign the entire site to have a common theme. Then I’ll have a nice CSS tabbed interface that I learned how to do. I’ll also probably either heavily edit, or recode the blog software to be much awesomer. I’m also planning to rework my glues project to be more of a personal XML data feed with a plug-in architecture. I will definitely incorporate that into my site in the future.

What does this mean for uptime? Well, here’s what we’re looking at. The current server, which is a Pentium III 450mhz running Gentoo out of my apartment probably wont survive more than 12 more weeks. I can host it temporarily in my friend’s apartment, but as soon as summer quarter comes around, the show is over. If I get a job prior to this time, and it pays well. Then the situation could turn out very nicely. I’ll probably buy a nice server machine definitely with AMD64 if not dual AMD64 chips. Then I’ll build a Gentoo on it and be able to provide all the services I do now, and more. Then as soon as its ready I’ll re-point the DNS of apreche.net and take down the old server for good. Turn it into a DOS gaming box *evil grin*.

But if I don’t get a job, then things could be bad. Basically my blog, web server and other services will all disappear until I am able to muster up enough funds to bring myself back on-line. Depending on how much money I make I might put getting a server up ahead of buying a laptop in my priorities. It depends on how much code I get written in my spare time compared to how much I spend reading, playing video games, hanging out, etc. This is just a heads up that if I disappear off of the Internet, I’m not dead. And if you want me to stay up helping me find a job isn’t such a bad idea.

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