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Game Developers – Stop Failing at Online Multiplayer

Independent video games are all the rage lately. Minecraft and Angry Birds are the premiere examples of how games developed outside of the big commercial industry can become huge successes. This is mostly because of platforms like Steam and other … Continue reading

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Why Not a Little Open?

If you look around at the world of hardware, there is one thing that is immediately obvious. The open hardware is shit compared to the closed hardware. In terms of industrial design, battery life, price, and just about every category … Continue reading

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How to Play Doom

Just yesterday I read this fascinating piece by Stephen Totilo of Kotaku entitled The First Time I Played Doom Was Yesterday. ┬áIt’s really crazy that in this world, even a video game journalist with an incredibly long tenure could have … Continue reading

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Don’t Change the Computer, Change Yourself

Many long years ago, I used to be a Gentoo user. Today I run Windows 7 on every computer I own, and I use default Ubuntu installations on servers and in Virtual machines for development. I went from running one … Continue reading

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Presenting Presentoh, King of Presentations

I do a lot of panels at various conventions. When I do these panels, I need some sort of visual aid. For this I usually turn to Powerpoint, and its alternatives. The thing is, these just plain suck, at least … Continue reading

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GitHub Suggested Workflow

The thing that’s great about Git is that it allows the user to pick any work flow they desire. The problem is that it allows the user to pick any work flow they desire. Thus, users who don’t know exactly … Continue reading

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iPad: Why Must We Be Forced To Choose?

There is, of course, the expected hoo-hah about the iPad. The rage between those who love it and those who can’t stand its proprietary nature is in full swing. Yet, I am constantly in awe of the fact that nobody … Continue reading

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