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Complete Single Server Django Stack Tutorial

Introduction I notice a lot of people these days using Heroku to host applications they’ve written with Django or Rails. This may save them some time and effort, but they are spending way more money on this specialized hosting than … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Programatically Post a Status Update to Your Facebook Page

In my last post, To OAuth or Not to OAuth, I said I would write a complete tutorial on how to use the Facebook API to post status updates to your own Facebook page. This is that tutorial. Get ready, … Continue reading

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To OAuth or Not to OAuth

You’re feeling some pains, so you go see a doctor. The doctor sends you to have some tests done at a lab on the other side of town. The results come in a week later and you have to get … Continue reading

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You Don’t Impress Me. Try These Hacks Instead.

Recently there have been a lot of computer security attacks. It’s actually hard to say if they are more frequent now than they have been in the past. What is certain is that they are being publicized more now than … Continue reading

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Keep your California out of my New York

More and more the entrepreneurial community has integrated itself into the technology community. You have to commend them on what an excellent job they have done. At this point startup news and technology news are basically synonymous. At least half … Continue reading

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Game Developers – Stop Failing at Online Multiplayer

Independent video games are all the rage lately. Minecraft and Angry Birds are the premiere examples of how games developed outside of the big commercial industry can become huge successes. This is mostly because of platforms like Steam and other … Continue reading

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Why Not a Little Open?

If you look around at the world of hardware, there is one thing that is immediately obvious. The open hardware is shit compared to the closed hardware. In terms of industrial design, battery life, price, and just about every category … Continue reading

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