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Game Developers – Stop Failing at Online Multiplayer

Independent video games are all the rage lately. Minecraft and Angry Birds are the premiere examples of how games developed outside of the big commercial industry can become huge successes. This is mostly because of platforms like Steam and other … Continue reading

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How to Play Doom

Just yesterday I read this fascinating piece by Stephen Totilo of Kotaku entitled The First Time I Played Doom Was Yesterday. ┬áIt’s really crazy that in this world, even a video game journalist with an incredibly long tenure could have … Continue reading

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Why Gaming Won’t Save The World

…being a virtuoso at World of Warcraft is like being a virtuoso at the player piano. Continue reading

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Persistence Sells and Ruins Games

Imagine you are about to play a game of Monopoly. According to the rules, each player starts with $1500. One of the other players, however, insists that they are going to start with $2000. What is their justification for this … Continue reading

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Definition of Old School

What does “old school” really mean? Continue reading

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I’m playing blogshares. Continue reading

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A Nothing Emulator

Perhaps a virtual machine specialized to run games only can be a boon to PC gaming. Continue reading

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