Fuck the Troops

So I’m sure that everyone has seen the yellow ribbons everywhere. There needs to be no explanation of where this troop supporting phenomena originated, why it exists, etc. This is known to pretty much anybody who is reading this. And I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone that all these people buying multi-dollar yellow ribbon car magnets are giving their dollars to a chinese car magnet manufacturer instead of to their precious troops who need support. Because giving money to them is taxes, and taxes are no good.

So originally I thought was most people thought. Just because you are against the war doesn’t mean you don’t support the troops. And its true. You can be against the war and simultaneously not want the troops to die. Wanting them to come home alive is a form of support, and wanting their time in that terrible place to be shorter, safer and better is supporting them. And it is not contradictory to both support the troops as people and also believe that they should not be there.

After long and hard though I have come to two conclusions. The first is that we should support the troops. The troops are mostly good people, like you and me, who just happen to join the military for whatever reason. They don’t want to kill innocents in Iraq, its not their fault. And a good military, the kind of military that protects freedom, is the kind of military we have. It does not act on its own volition. That means we never have to worry about military coups of our government. It also obeys orders very well, which is also good because that makes it very efficient and powerful, moreso than any technology we have. And that’s exactly the kind of military we have and need, one that while comprised of people is basically a perfectly obedient tool. Obedient as a hammer, as powerful as a pile driver and as politically involved as a squirrel (or other woodland creature). But the military is made of people, and those people in doing their job as best they can need our support so they don’t feel like the tools they are.

The other side of me says, Fuck the fucking troops. The troops are people. And they were sent to Iraq to overthrow a soveriegn nation against the vast majority of the world. They kill innocent people, have incited more terrorism than they prevented and generally made the world a shittier place. Yes, some blame must go to the people at the top who decided we should have this war. In fact, a lot of blame goes to those people. But these troops are in favor of it. Anyone who is over in Iraq doing their job can only fall into two categories in my eyes. One possibility is that they agree with the Iraq war, and they are doing it because they want to and believe in it. I do not support that belief, so I do not support those troops. The second possibility is that they are against the war, but are too cowardly, and continue to act contrary to their beliefs. Or they so strongly believe in the previous paragraph that they continue to do so. Both of these mindsets are either cowardly, stupid or basically lacking in will power. And while these are good people I cannot support them because I can’t respect someone who lacks will power. So I don’t support those troops either.

This leaves only the troops who disagree with the war and have acted in accordance with their disagreement. Most likely these troops are no longer troops. I’m not sure exactly what they would do, but I imagine it means they go to military prison, get discharged or some other such thing. What it does mean though is that they have elected to do something else other than fight the Iraq war because they believe so strongly against it. And I say that I fully support these people. However, they are no longer troops! So in fact, there are no troops, in the Iraq war, that I can support.

There may be troops elsewhere in the world who I support. I can support the troops who are bringing aid to poor countries. I can support the few troops fighting drug lords in Columbia and other areas. There are plenty of troops I support. But the United States troops and troops of other nations who are fighting the war in Iraq I cannot support. And those are the troops which are definitely implied by “the troops” on the yellow ribbons.

So I can now safely say FUCK THE TROOPS. Fuck them with big rusty nails those murdering, cowardly, evil sons of bitches. I don’t necessarily want you to die, because I want no man to die. But I do not condone your actions. If you want my support you will have to change your ways and do something else. Thank you, and good day.

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5 Responses to Fuck the Troops

  1. Todd Sherman says:

    Well first of all ill start off by just saying that your article that im sure to you is an article of supurb excellence, is nothing but an opinonated article of bullshit. But im sure you know every aspect of the military, every thought that goes through a troops head in the heat of battle. And im sure just as your article implies even if someone has an iraqi shooting at them, they will not recieve respect from you unless they stand down and not kill someone who is tryin to take their life. So i ask you a question….if your in your house and someone points a gun at you, what do you do? do you, as you say troops should do and dont kill him because hes a person? Or do you save your life and take his? Of course, im sure you would do “the right thing” and not kill another person. The troops that are over in other countries do have a choice, kill or be killed. And when a commander tells troops to do something, whether it is a simple mission or to kill a group of people. A troop is to do as he is told or in war times if he does not follow his order and not do a task which in turn could get other troops killed because he didnt want to take a life, he could get charged with many things and possibly get kicked out of the military after goin to jail and is not goin to be able to get a job at even McDonalds. So as a troop i just want to say that i would recommend that you rethink your statement and opinion and that you should try to look at it from the side of the troops and not from a selfish American upset because the gas prices are too high.

  2. jb says:

    I will fucking kill you you piece of shit

  3. SC says:

    It’s pretty well self evident that you only go by the media and actually see everything they show you and nothing else. Well I’m sorry to tell you that you are wrong most of the way through the article. If you would actually receive the words out of a troops mouth and not the media who wants you to go to one side or another with them anyways, you might have the story halfway right. I’ve actually seen some of the pictures the troops brought back and I bet if you saw just one of them, it would make you think twice about this war before you say it was unnecessary. so until you get both side rather than the liberal media’s side to the story, you shouldn’t post this article.

  4. It just amazes me how these elitist, academic, cheeseweenied liberal FAGS who would and could never put themselves in harm’s way have just let loose a torrent of “fuck the troops” diatribes in the good years 06 and 07. Oh how truly the America of today is unworthy of defense and how truly gratifying it will be after the Islamofacists have victoriously conquered this nation to see these same whiners face the ultimate justice of Allah. The males will be circumcised or recircumcised. The females will have clitoridectomies performed before the both of them are then skinned alive and dipped in brine. Then a mullah ala al-Zahkhari will take out his dirty, rusty, dull pocketknife and then slowly behead his victims ala Nick Berg!

  5. Heal The Jackson says:

    Just want to answer this question:

    So i ask you a question….if your in your house and someone points a gun at you, what do you do? do you, as you say troops should do and dont kill him because hes a person? Or do you save your life and take his?

    And here’s the answer in the form of a question:

    Well Iraq is not our home, so are you saying that if you break into someone’s house and despite most of them saying no stay out, you break down the door and come in guns blazing; then according to your logic is it wrong to defend your home in that instance?

    Or maybe what you’re saying is that you have the moral right and it matters not what the homeowner wants, you know better and you will impose your will with a gun, and then in some backwards insane logic assume you are defending your self when you are the invader.

    It’s the same Bullshit logic the Israeli government pumps out in the media, every-time they go into palestinian neighborhoods and shoot people who have rocks as weapons, then it’s always defensive, but when some palestinian kills themselves and takes Israelis with them then it’s an attack. If you’re going to pretend attacking someone on their own turf is defensive then it applies both ways, 911 must of been a defensive action.

    Wait what am I saying, logic isn’t welcome in this country, I’m so sorry for trying to make sense of the stupidity. Read history books, it’s amazing how things repeat, not much is surprising if you know the past, it repeats you know and seriously stop giving me a headache with your inanity!

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