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Summer Camp Politics

Gather round and listen to this true tale of summer camp. It’s actually true. I swear this is not a lead in to sexual innuendo. It was generic day camp, not band camp. At this day camp we played a … Continue reading

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Anything that is Digital has no National Borders

Trying to remove the world from the world wide web is impossible. Continue reading

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The Real Rip-Off in Wireless

Verizon and AT&T recently cut prices on their unlimited voice and data plans. Whoop de doo. Text messages are still a rip-off. Data still isn’t truly unlimited. People seem to really be focusing on these data plan prices. Meanwhile, people … Continue reading

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Everything Needs a Fast Lane

New York City, especially the theater district, is somewhat unique in that it is a place where the streets are half-filled with tourists and half-filled with natives. The natives know where they are going, and are in a hurry. Tourists … Continue reading

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Privacy is Dead

Towards the end of my previous post I began to talk about the inevitability of a techno-anarchist future. Eventually we will have such powerful technology that is so widely available to the masses that it will be impossible to enforce … Continue reading

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Injustice by Association

It has recently come to my attention that there are far too many laws which outlaw harmless activities, simply because they correlate with other harmful illegal activities. It all goes back to the day when they had to get Al … Continue reading

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We Need Nicer Medicine

Anyone who knows me knows that snake oil peddlers rank close to the top on the list of things I despise. When someone is suffering from an illness, taking their money in exchange for false hope is among the worst … Continue reading

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