Hire Me!

That’s right, I’m graduating from college. In under 3 weeks from the time of this posting I will be completed with all coursework necessary to receive my B.S. in CS from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Obviously, this means I’m looking for work. Granted if you read anything I’ve written on this blog you’re probably thinking I’m a nut-case and would never want me to work for you. I can understand that. But also, if you’re the type of person who reads this blog you just might be the person who wants me to work for you. My resume is available on-line for your viewing pleasure.

I have been programming computers since Kindergarten, literally. I learned LOGO for the Apple // at the age of 4 or 5. I learned C at summer camp at the age of 7. I am a serious software developing geek who has been writing code for the majority of his life. If you have a job that requires writing software of any kind then I am the person you want. Even if its coding something I’ve never coded before, that’s just fine. I learned the Python programming language in less than a week, just for fun. And I learned the Ruby programming language in less than a week for work. Whatever it is you want me to do I can learn it in a very short amount of time if I don’t know it already.

In addition to job offers, actually preferable to job offers, I would love for people to offer advice on how to find a job more easily. If you have any idea how to make my resume better or how to find hidden opportunities at small companies that don’t advertise much I would love to hear from you. Also even if you aren’t hiring anyone, if you know someone who is I would love for you to point me in their direction. I have 6 months from the time I graduate before I have to start paying student loans, if I don’t have a job before then it will be quite unpleasant for myself. And despite any silly impression this post made on you I can assure you I am quite serious. I am extremely motivated and highly skilled. I think I can let my experience, references and skill-set speak for themselves.

In conclusion, I want nothing more than to create software for somebody and have them reimburse me with currency. Please help me find someone who desires to make this arrangement. Thank you.

Oh, and so nobody points me to it I have indeed read Joel’s advice and I can safely say that I excel in every area and have done everything he prescribes for success. Except my GPA isn’t excellent. Take that for what it’s worth.

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