Neal Stephenson in Reason Online

Usually I don’t make this type of blog post. But this quote was so priceless and my glues isn’t really extensible to support me posting a quote in a place for people to see.

So anyway there is an interview with Neal Stephenson in Reason that is posted online here. There is a quote from the article that I find absolutely priceless and thus have posted it here.

…Carrying that forward to the present day, Wink takes a general interest in people in various places who are getting the shaft. He develops an empirical science of shaftology, if you will. (Of course he doesn’t call it shaftology; that’s just my name for it.) He goes all over the world and looks at different kinds of people who are obviously getting the shaft, be they blacks in apartheid South Africa, South American peasants, or residents of inner-city neighborhoods dominated by gangs. He looks for connections among all of these situations and in this way develops the idea of domination systems…

Shaftology is my new favorite word. Thank you literary genius. Thank you, I will now refrain from posting this type of thing in my blog in the future.

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