Multi-Week Roundup

So I haven’t posted since before vacation. Everything I’ve come up with to post since then has been more appropriate for the forthcoming blurb-log than for the blog. I’m not done coding my new blog system yet, so I was trying to hold off. I’m still not sure whether to call the blurb-log part of the system a “blurg” or not. See more on that in the next blog post. This blog post is a bunch of blurbs about what’s been going on since last I posted. I don’t usually do posts about my life, but a lot of things have happened that may interest other people. And if I wait for my new site to be finished before I post, there will be a long time of waiting.

Otakon ruled. We did an axe gang cos-play for the first half of Friday before the concerts. Entertainment System rocked out. I bought cool stuff in the dealers room. There is a movie called “SARS Wars”, see it. Do not see “2009: Lost Memories” or “Evil Dead Trap 2”.

Wildwood, NJ was awesome as usual. Arcade owners need to maintain their games better. We went to the only EB within range of Wildwood and bought 6 copies of Advance Wars: DS. I’m still getting enjoyment out of it. Definitely the best DS game out so far and the best Advance Wars game yet.

I finally used my points from my Sony credit card to buy a television. It was on sale for $300 at Circuit City and my 20,000 points got me $200 off. Considering the same TV could be gotten for free from the rewards catalog for 40,000+ points it was a steal. Flat glass, 27″ CRT. Pretty much the best non-HD TV they had. Much better than our 70’s piece of crap with broken magnets. Now I can play video games and watch DVDs with a clear picture and correct colors. No, I still don’t watch TV.

I was demonstrating the durability of my iPod mini by stepping on it and accidentally broke the LCD. Now it’s just a 4 gig USB hard drive that can play music if you use magic to navigate invisible menus. See my roommate’s post on Slashdot.

I bout the iPod nano, which I would have bought whether or not my mini broke. It’s fucking awesome. My only complaints are that it gets lots of fingerprints and small scratches on it very easily. Also it’s hard to take out the USB cable if the headphones are plugged in. gtkpod didn’t seem to work with it correctly, I’ll have to try again.

I discovered finally what the real deal with podcasting is. I tried using iTunes again and I hate it less than I did before. At least I can get podcasts reliably and manage my iPod without the tinkering I do in Linux. Of course it only runs on my work PC and not my home Linux box.

I’m spending my free time coding new blog software and finally playing Zelda64 Master Quest on the new TV. I played Zelda64 over five years ago. If I recall correctly,in the original you had to carry Ruto all around Jabu-Jabu’s belly. In the master quest you just carry her around a single room in the dungeon. If that memory is true, then the master quest is awesome. Definitely a good game to replay after all these years.

If you ride your mountain bike, don’t leave the front tire outside the car and run over it when you are driving home. Do take the tire to the bike shop to have it repaired, good as new, for thirteen dollars.

If you get Optimum Online from Cablevision without getting Optimum TV they will think you are stealing cable. Someone showed up at our door asking how we liked our satellite television. Actually this story is secondhand from my roommate, I was at the bike shop. Quote: “No television? Just read books?” “Yeah.”

I say much about New Orleans since every other website in the universe has done it for me. Let it just be said that every crazy conspiracy theorist can shut the hell up. For most crazy government conspiracy theories to be true that means that the government must be extremely crafty. This episode shows that our government is a giant, incompetent, bureaucratic mess. It is definitely incapable of devising the types of conspiracies that people claim they do.

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