Tomorrow I am not going to work. I am going to The Otakon. This will be my fourth Otakon. If you’re going to be there and you want to see me I am guaranteed to be at the club summit panel. Also, look out for me and my crew cos-playing as the axe gang from Kung-Fu Hustle. Sometimes I think I work all year just so I can pay to go to Otakon. Of course, now I make so much more money that I could really work maybe one week and still afford to go.

After the Otakon we are going on our second or third annual Week of Awesomeâ„¢ trip. 7 days in fabulous Wildwood, NJ. Relax on the public beach. Have fun on the shlocky boardwalk. Drink Polish Water Ice. Hang out with friends in the beach house. Eat greasy fried foods. Play arcade games. Constantly seek out water or air conditioning. You might even ride overpriced amusement rides. All this and more can be yours if you are a friend of my friend whose dad owns a beach house there. It can also be yours if you pay lots of money to stay in a Hotel there. Oh, did I mention we sit around with all our goodies from Otakon and have fun with them?

So, if you don’t see anything from me for a week, that’s why. However, you might get lucky. I’ve got my laptop from work with wireless, so I’ll be attempting to blog and upload pictures of Otakon to Flickr or such. Look for tags like Otakon or Otakon 2005. Since there will only be 2100 at-door registrations there is pretty much guaranteed to be a mob of stupid otaku and fan-folk, some in costume, standing outside around 11am Friday with no badge and a long walk home. It will be entertaining for me at least. There will be pictures of other things too, though. Maybe if me or one of my friends buys or brings a digital camera the pictures won’t be crummy 640×480 from my phone.

Oh, did I forget to mention the most important part of this vacation? On August 22, the day after Otakon, Nintendogs will be released. That’s a big deal for some people, not me especially. But the game has the potential to skyrocket the DS to new heights. Also, there is a $20 price drop on the DS the day before. Whether the numbers jump as expected or remain stagnant will determine the future of handheld gaming. But more importantly, Advance Wars: Dual-Strike is being released on that day. Pwn3d! If you see a bunch of nerds on the beach with wirelessly conneccted DSes yelling at each other, you know who it is. I plan to write a nice review of the game, but I can guarantee you it will be ridiculously positive. Advance Wars is currently the turn based strategy champion.

I will return from vacation and go back to work on August 29th. Of course I will be sleeping all day. Have fun working in August suckers.

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