Perfect Analogy

I finally found a short way of saying something I’ve been trying to express in fewer words for a long time. Mainly it relates to my hatred of most modern MMOs, but also to all video games which lack game substance and only have theme. I came up with it because I was talking with someone who said they played WoW because it was funny. Anyway, here is the analogy:

Saying that WoW is a good game because it’s funny is like saying Tetris is a good game because the blocks are pretty.

Isn’t it perfect? It expresses my feelings about the separation of theme and play in games. Play is the only thing I care about. All the theme in the world can’t save you if your game sucks. However, a good game can be helped by a good theme. This also applies to board games, just look at *opoly. I know I’ve said this a zillion times before, but many of my friends have fallen under the WoW’s spell, and its getting really bad. You know, social life destroying and money wasting bad. This analogy expresses my feelings better than ever before and I wanted to share it.

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