The 4th Amendment

With so many of our founding fathers and visionaries agreeing how can we so blatantly go against all of their teachings? It’s quite simple when the population is poorly educated and afraid. When will this madness end? I don’t know. But many of the people smart enough and brave enough to recognize it are more keen on leaving for greener pastures than fixing the problem domestically.

At least here in the US we only have to deal with the loss of the 4th amendment. Random searches on commuter trains and buses pretty much guarantees that. Anyone who uses those facilities to get to work pretty much either has to give up their job or relinquish their rights. As they say, it’s liberty or death. Especially in London. The policy there seems to be that they can protect their citizens from being blown up by bombs by shooting the victims first. Better to be killed by police than terrorists I guess.

There’s no real point in repeating the same talk about freedom, justice and cowardice many times. It would just be a waste of my typing and both our bandwidths. But I felt I had to put up something. Despite the incredible amount of news I feel that there are fewer and fewer people who really care about freedom. Usually I’m full of valor and nothing upsets me or scares me away from my beliefs. But with these most recent occurrences I am more afraid of our own security forces then any terrorists. When someone like myself doesn’t have 100% confidence you know that times aren’t good.

So next time you’re at a security checkpoint. Next time a terrorist kills people, just think about it. Is the security actually making you safer or just making you feel safer? Does giving up your rights help stop terrorists, or is your loss of liberty actually their goal? When they see people in a panic as opposed to going about business as usual, does that encourage or discourage more terrorism? I think these questions are easy to answer if you try. The truth is a hard pill to swallow.

Douglas Rushkoff’s take is, as usual, the most insightful on the net.

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