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People Still Don’t Get Git

I’ve been using Git since slightly before it became very popular about two years ago. Nowadays it is very popular, with much thanks to github. However, even semi-famous programmers like Jeff Atwood don’t really understand what it’s all about.

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Strict Open Source Policies Lead to Fail

Ubuntu and Firefox are two of the biggest open source projects in terms of desktop end users. Yet, the same open source philosophies that made these projects so popular are a weak spot that the competition can, and will, use … Continue reading

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The Real Rip-Off in Wireless

Verizon and AT&T recently cut prices on their unlimited voice and data plans. Whoop de doo. Text messages are still a rip-off. Data still isn’t truly unlimited. People seem to really be focusing on these data plan prices. Meanwhile, people … Continue reading

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Let’s Fight Terrorism For Real

Maybe you can save lives without getting out of bed. Continue reading

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Everything Needs a Fast Lane

New York City, especially the theater district, is somewhat unique in that it is a place where the streets are half-filled with tourists and half-filled with natives. The natives know where they are going, and are in a hurry. Tourists … Continue reading

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Open Source is Good for the Environment

Despite all the amazing things we can do with electronics, and despite increases in efficiency, the physical reality is very wasteful. Computers, and other electronics use a lot of electricity, much of it is used for nothing. Discarded electronics fill … Continue reading

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The Use Cases for a Tablet

Any product, especially an electronic device, has to have very strong use cases to succeed. People use a TV to view video entertainment while being comfortable in their homes. People use a mobile phone to keep in touch with others … Continue reading

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