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Power Signaling Over HDMI

Lots of people these days have home entertainment systems. These usually consist of a television, an audio system, and multiple source devices. The source devices typically include a DVD/Blu-Ray player, a Cable Box, one or more game consoles, maybe a … Continue reading

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Let’s Fight Terrorism For Real

Maybe you can save lives without getting out of bed. Continue reading

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Everything Needs a Fast Lane

New York City, especially the theater district, is somewhat unique in that it is a place where the streets are half-filled with tourists and half-filled with natives. The natives know where they are going, and are in a hurry. Tourists … Continue reading

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The Guaranteed Cure

Many people suffer various addictions due to a lack of will power. Smoking, overeating, etc. are problems that can, and have, been defeated by force of will. Yet, there are people who try to break their habits, and fail, because … Continue reading

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A Way to Save Local Business?

In recent years, people have been trying to “save” local businesses. It’s just that when you actually look at the practicality of keeping things local, it often becomes difficult if not impossible to get what you want, and also keep … Continue reading

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Almost Everything is a Miracle

Look around yourself right now, and pick any physical object. Pick any normal every-day sort of thing that happens to come to mind. Now think of that thing not just in the context of itself, but in the context of … Continue reading

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Reverse Insurance

I think the only course of action for me is to start an insurance agency. If you disagree with what’s in this blog post, then I think I might be able to interest you in one of our policies. Continue reading

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