Apreche’s RSS

So I no longer have a single primary computer like in the
college days. I still got the main home desktop. But I also got the work
laptop and various other terminals which I work from. Also, I use the aircard
on the train. All in all I needed a newer better RSS reading solution than
Firefox live bookmarks, which have suited me just fine until now. I knew about
this thing my friend used called rawdog, but since I had nothing better to do
I made my own.

Keep in mind I made this for me and only me. There are a
few problems with it, which I know, and the theme is currently very ugly. I am
also completely aware that the only way to add new feeds is manual and direct
database access. I also realize that the color field is completely unused as
of right now. And don’t even start to complain that using a MySQL database is
overkill, or that I am not supporting other SQL databases. I wrote this for me
and me. If you don’t like it, just remember it’s not for

Oh, yeah, if you want to actually get my program just click to
download ARSS. You’ll need Apache, MySQL, PHP4+ and magpierss at the minimum.

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