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Stalker Feed

You may notice a new link on the side of the blog to my new stalker feed. This feed is an RSS feed which combines all the items from all of my websites. So if you want to watch my … Continue reading

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Podcast OPML

I put up an OPML of the podcasts I subscribe to. Continue reading

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Cleaner Looks

Lots of updates about my websites. Continue reading

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RSS Feed Pet Peeve

So what to do? I can resort to using a plethora of different aggregators to manage all the different feeds of information coming in. But that becomes tedious… Continue reading

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del.icio.us Flim Flam Tag

So next time you see something promoting alternative medicine, scientology, pseudoscience, etc. on del.icio.us tag it as flimflam. Continue reading

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Upgraded to WordPress

I finally get to take advantage of all those web 2.0 features that I was missing out on. Continue reading

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What I’m going to basically do is create a single information collation point which will allow me to store, get and share all the digital information in my life. Continue reading

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