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A Way to Save Local Business?

In recent years, people have been trying to “save” local businesses. It’s just that when you actually look at the practicality of keeping things local, it often becomes difficult if not impossible to get what you want, and also keep … Continue reading

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How Badly Do You Want It?

Over all the decades that piracy has been a hot topic the point often comes up that piracy isn’t stealing because those pirates would not have paid money if piracy were not an option. This point, while often brought up, … Continue reading

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The Florida Shuffle

Being unmployed, I took some time to visit my grandmoter in Florida. While there, I had a lot of time to observe and think about the state of things in the sunshine state. I came to a realization that things … Continue reading

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Used Books on Amazon for $0.01

People like to have things. Think about all the things you own. Go look through your closets and in your drawers. How many things in there will you honestly never use again? If you’ve got a lot of free space, … Continue reading

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Reverse Insurance

I think the only course of action for me is to start an insurance agency. If you disagree with what’s in this blog post, then I think I might be able to interest you in one of our policies. Continue reading

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Consumerism, Materialism and Collecting

The way I see the world, consumerism and materialism are evil. Personally, I have little to no attachment to physical goods. Physical objects are just arrangements of atoms, so are people. Nothing in the world has any intrinsic value. Simply owning or posessiong objects is completely meaningless. Continue reading

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Why isn’t there a free ____?

I’m constantly amazed at obvious business opportunities that aren’t undertaken. Continue reading

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