Cleaner Looks

OK, I’ve got quite a few updates about this site here. First off, there’s a problem with running out of RAM on our hosting. I’ve fixed it by adding more swap space, but that is far from an ideal solution. There might be a short downtime between now and the end of March when I upgrade to a better hosting package.

Secondly, you might notice some nice changes to the CSS here. I’ve been working on a new theme for the podcast site lately. While I was doing that I learned some stuff about web 2.0 style and typography. That made me realize the fonts on this site were small and ugly. You should notice I’ve already made changes to the style that should make this page more pleasant to look at.

Another change you will notice is that I have removed the automatic cross posts from the front page and the RSS feed. You can still check them out by going to the actual category however. I liked the fact that I could backup my links to my blog, but I didn’t like the clutter they created. I finally found a technological solution to create a happy medium. I also have changed the arrangement of links on the right side of the page.
If I had a penny for every time a content creator on the web asked forgiveness for not creating content reguarly enough I could buy and sell the Sultan of Brunai. So I’ll let the sultan breath a sigh of relief and skip it. But I would just like to let you know that more awesome stuff will be appearing here soon. I’m doing a pretty good job of getting my affairs in order, and in the coming spring and summer months I have more energy to get things done.

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