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Complete Single Server Django Stack Tutorial

Introduction I notice a lot of people these days using Heroku to host applications they’ve written with Django or Rails. This may save them some time and effort, but they are spending way more money on this specialized hosting than … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Hardy Heron Beta

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Beta is out. I’ve installed it on my laptop, and I can definitely say this is the best Ubuntu yet. There are many changes I am very happy about. There are a few things that didn’t … Continue reading

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How To Setup Android SDK in Ubuntu

If you pay attention to technology at all, you probably know about Google’s Android platform. People have largely panned it because they were expecting a gPhone to do battle with the iPhone. I think they are missing the point. This … Continue reading

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Linux Doesn’t Lack Drivers, it Lacks Complete Drivers

…when you have a piece of hardware primarily designed to do function X, but capable of Y and Z, you can’t support just feature X and consider that to be satisfactory. Unless every single feature of a given piece of hardware is pushed to the absolute limit by the software, then the user is not getting everything they have paid for in that hardware. Continue reading

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Linux is Desktop Ready for Most People

Desktop readiness isn’t a matter of yes or no. It’s a matter of how many. There are a number of desktop computers in the world. It’s not a question of whether or not Linux is ready for them or not. It’s a question of how many of them are ready for Linux. Continue reading

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There’s a reason it’s called beta

So what we end up with are two separate problems. On the one hand we have users who screw up their systems because they demand to have the latest and greatest software. On the other hand we have package repository maintainers who aren’t making the latest and greatest stuff available quickly enough. Continue reading

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The IceWeasel Debate

There is a point at which you can try to promote something with such zeal that you end up hurting it. We have reached this point. Stop it. Continue reading

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