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Tutorial: Programatically Post a Status Update to Your Facebook Page

In my last post, To OAuth or Not to OAuth, I said I would write a complete tutorial on how to use the Facebook API to post status updates to your own Facebook page. This is that tutorial. Get ready, … Continue reading

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Django Favicon with Amazon S3

I had a little trouble today trying to get a favicon for my django site. I found some solutions online, but they assumed that you were serving your media statically through your apache server. I’m serving all my static files … Continue reading

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How To Setup Android SDK in Ubuntu

If you pay attention to technology at all, you probably know about Google’s Android platform. People have largely panned it because they were expecting a gPhone to do battle with the iPhone. I think they are missing the point. This … Continue reading

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How to Make Major Purchasing Decisions

This is here for all the people who spend too much money on things they don’t need. This is for the people who buy things and then get upset only after making the purchase. This is for people without common sense. Learn to make a decision! Continue reading

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Gmail for Domains Default in Gnome

Do you use Gnome? Do you use Gmail for domains? Do you want to use your Gmail for domains account as the default e-mail application in Gnome? Today is your lucky day! Continue reading

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Quick Advice

If you are planning on using Linux as your desktop operating system, and you care to actually get real use out of it, then follow my instructions. Do not fix what is not broken. Do not tweak or change anything unecessarily. Do not do something unless you completely understand what it is you are doing. If you follow these three rules, you will have a much better experience. Continue reading

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Mechwarrior 2 for Linux!

Mechwarrior 2 is one of the best games ever, and the old school dos version runs perfect under linux. Continue reading

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