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RSS Feed Pet Peeve

So what to do? I can resort to using a plethora of different aggregators to manage all the different feeds of information coming in. But that becomes tedious… Continue reading

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So next time you see something promoting alternative medicine, scientology, pseudoscience, etc. on tag it as flimflam. Continue reading

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I Won Rushkoff’s Book!

There was a contest to win Ruskoff’s new book, and I won. Continue reading

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Return of M.U.L.E.

With a little bit of modification it would make an excellent board game that could be played time and time again. Continue reading

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Digital Camera – House Photos

As a special treat to show off my new camera I took pictures of some of the rooms in my house Continue reading

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Podcast ahoy!

Before you knew it, my roommate and I had started a podcast.
The website for the podcast is Continue reading

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