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An Awesome Homeowners Association

Let’s make a geek HOA. Build a community of houses with services like… Continue reading

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Linux Sound

Controlling and configuring sound in Linux is a huge pain in the ass. Continue reading

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Summer Project?

So, I need some software to make this summer, apart from the software I’m getting paid to make. Continue reading

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Next Generation Console Meta-Conversation

When it comes to the X vs. Y conversation, however, it has always been a conversation amongst the 15-25 year old male market. Continue reading

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Nintendo Revolution Insight

Only by opening up to smaller more creative developers will we see software that takes full advantage of the hardware capabilities. Continue reading

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Evil Wives

These wives who drain their husbands of money and geekiness are no good. Continue reading

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Senior Citizen Cellphone

Let’s get prototyping so grandma can call her grandchildren again. Continue reading

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