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The IceWeasel Debate

There is a point at which you can try to promote something with such zeal that you end up hurting it. We have reached this point. Stop it. Continue reading

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Quick Advice

If you are planning on using Linux as your desktop operating system, and you care to actually get real use out of it, then follow my instructions. Do not fix what is not broken. Do not tweak or change anything unecessarily. Do not do something unless you completely understand what it is you are doing. If you follow these three rules, you will have a much better experience. Continue reading

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Daniel Robbins = Me

When it comes to my job I feel like the founder of Gentoo. Continue reading

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Rebuilding the OSes

So it seems that the computing situation in my house is just about in order. Continue reading

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Freeness Zealots Hurt Linux Multimedia

The truth is that if you setup Linux with a full set of non-free software you will be able to rip, mix, burn, play and transfer every media format you want. The problem is that there are only two ways I know to get Linux to this perfect configuration. Continue reading

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Linux Sound

Controlling and configuring sound in Linux is a huge pain in the ass. Continue reading

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New Hosting

…what they do is utilize the user mode Linux technology to turn one giant server into 20 or so normal servers. Continue reading

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