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People’s Champion

But most people are just choosing from the lesser of two evils. It is rare for someone to say “Yeah! This is the fucking greatest person, I want to vote for them!” Continue reading

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Ultimate MMO: Part 3

Tons of players with the abilities of Solid Snake fighting for survival in a very large persistent game world with incredibly dangerous AI enemies roaming about. Continue reading

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New Hosting

…what they do is utilize the user mode Linux technology to turn one giant server into 20 or so normal servers. Continue reading

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What I find it really useful for is that I can use it to keep track of all sorts of things and not just stuff I want people to buy me. Continue reading

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Free Rides

From riding the train so often my Computer Science mind couldn’t help but start to think its evil ways. And thus I will explain how simple it is to hack the train. Continue reading

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It’s a space shooting game with an interesting twist. Continue reading

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More Updating

…I’m going to find new hosting for my site very soon. Continue reading

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